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Welcome to The Nontraditional Pharmacist Resources section. Here we have a list of all tools that will help you to grow your pharmacy network, improve your financial health, and get on the road to success in your professional life!


We have personally bought and/or used every resource listed on this page and can attest to the value that they have provided us. If you have any questions about them, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Before you look into these resources, please read the disclosure.



TNP Book Club

Our list of books for success

TNP's Reading List for Success

15 profound books to increase productivity inside AND outside the pharmacy.


Finances Calculator


Resources to help boost your wealth and reduce your debt

Budget Your Way to Financial Freedom

The Nontraditional Pharmacist has created a free budget to help you get started on properly managing your money.  Download your copy to get started now!



Resources to help boost your career

APhA Career Pathway Evaluation Program

This tool helps you to narrow your focus of career choices so that you can start exploring careers that fit in with your personal and professional goals.

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